i-D What your March 2021 looked like [Year in Photos] Feature

This is an image of Hugo for my ongoing project titled ‘Days of Wine and Roses/ In Your Own Sweet Way’. It is an image of Hugo dancing in his room shot on 35mm. This project is dedicated to documenting this period of my life - to myself and the people I encounter through the nurture of my practice. I’ve met most of the people close to me through photography, and I trust this medium will continue to draw me to those who love to share their stories and perspectives, those who will continue to prove a profound impact on my experience, and mine on theirs - a mutual exchange.

This image conveys the way I interact with my subjects, capturing raw and intimate moments. I had only met Hugo briefly prior to our shoot and I recall feeling very nervous about it ( this project also pushes me to work against my anxieties), but we discovered that we enjoy a lot of the same music genres so he introduced me to his favourite record, Parliament, and started dancing around the room allowing me to photograph him. This image means a lot to me as I captured a very intimate scene, despite having approached this shoot unprepared with no intention apart from documenting conversation. I also appreciate Hugo’s vulnerability in allowing himself to dance freely in front of not only myself but also the camera - dancing around in ones room is often something that people practice on their own and tend not to share with others, let alone somebody you’ve just met. I really appreciate people that allow themselves to be free, this encounter led to a lot of self-reflection. This shoot captures exactly what I love to portray in my photos, and formed a moment that I can smile at in the future, looking back.


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